Our Covid Protocol

Classes will begin on the week of September 14th, 2020. All dancers will be dropped off and picked up at the front gate of Playgroups Plus on Benson Avenue. STart and finish times have been slightly adjusted so please arrive and pick up on time. Students arriving early must wait in the car until their class time. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building. A teacher will escort student in and out of each class. Dancers and teacher are reqiured to wear a mask. The studio will be sanitized with an air purifier and disinfected. The studio will professionally cleaned every week. 

Dress Code 
Please be sure that you come to class with your hair pulled back and secured away from your face. Dancewear and dance shoes are to be worn for all classes. No jeans, baggy sweatpants, sweatshirts. No sports uniforms. No loose-fitting Sofie shorts. All dance shorts are to be worn with tights. All ballet and pointe students must wear leotard, tights, and a ballet bun to class. No exceptions. All belongings must be labeled and carried to class in a dance bag. 


Arrival and Dismissal
Please be prompt! All students must be dropped off and picked up on time for their class. It is a disruption to the class as well as the instructor when students arrive early or are picked up late. Out of respect to the instructor and students, please do not enter the studio while class is in progress. 


Class Observation
Parents are not permitted to observe class at any time. I will be more than happy to discuss your child's progress with you when it does not interfere with class time. 609-823-2068 or MissLeslie5678@msn.com.


In order to take full advantage of the instruction offered, regular attendance is necessary . Attendance is very important for the development of the student and is crucial to the success of the class. If a student must miss a class due to illness or a family obligation, please contact the studio to let us know. There are no refunds for missed classes, regardless of reason for absence. 


The dance recital will be in June at the Fernwood Ave Middle School in EHT. The dates will be announced in January.


All costumes are $65 each.
All costume payments are due on December 1st, 2019



215 N. Benson Avenue
Margate City, NJ 08402